MARBLES IN HIS TOES : THE STORY OF TAP DANCER BILL EVANS   Told through a soundscape of tap steps-shuffle, hop, flap, flap-this picture book biography reveals how a young boy's determination, talent, and courage to be himself enables him to achieve his dream of becoming a tap dancer. Nonfiction picture book, biography, 882 words (excluding back matter).

CHARLIE'S SHARK TEETH   Charlie's young life is going swimmingly until he overhears his parents discussing his shark teeth. He knows a lot about sharks but nothing about how a kid can have shark teeth. He starts to really worry after no one is able to help. A visit to Dr. Fin is his last hope. Fiction picture book, 553 words (excluding back matter). 

Lil' G WAG, WIGGLE, WAVE: SCHOOL THERAPY DOG AT WORK   A devoted school therapy dog struggles to connect with a new student until an unexpected event brings them together.  Narrative nonfiction picture book, co-authored with Cathy Gaarden, 364 words (excluding back matter). 

HAVE YOU SEEN MY CLASS?  After being separated from his class, a first grader searches the school worried that if he doesn't find them in time, he will spend the night battling monsters and facing his fears. Fiction picture book, 479 words.

ODE TO THE HOH RAINFOREST   Explores the majestic and captivating beauty of the temperate rainforest located in the Olympic National Park. Nonfiction picture book, TBD word count