Who I Am, Have Been, and Wannabe: A List Poem

by Don Halquist

Actor, Artist, Athlete, Author

Band Nerd, Boyfriend, Brother

Calligrapher, Cheerleader, Chef, Children's Book Author, Collaborator, College Professor

Dancer, Dandy, Dean of Education, Doctor of Philosophy, Dreamer

Early Childhood Educator, Explorer

Fire Baton Twirler, Fraternity Brother, Friend

Gardner, Graduate Student, Graphic Designer

High Intensity Interval Training Devotee, Hoosier, Husband

International Traveler, Introvert

Jeopardy Fan, Joke Teller, Joy Spreader

Kid at Heart, Kind

Late Bloomer, Learner, Lifeguard


Napper, Neat Freak, New Mexican, New Yorker

Oceanographer, Optimist

Paperboy, Paper-pusher, Pennsylvanian, Player of the Bassoon and Clarinet and Piano, Poet

Quantifier, Quick Study

Reader, Rhode Islander, Rifle Twirler, Runner

Scholar, Skateboarder, Son, Sunbather

Tennis Player, Tightrope Walker

Uncle, Utahan

Vegetarian who eats chicken and fish

Waiter, Washingtonian, Winker, Wonderer, Writer

Xylophone Player

Yam Fan, Yawner

Zigzagger, Zoomer 

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January 2023